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Brand Character Animations

Spoofs and Parodies

Sometimes you just have to poke fun at stuff. Whether they are characters from video games, TV shows, movies, or just flat-out random characters, nothing is really safe from having a spoof or parody. Ranging from random, to strange and silly, spoofs and parodies are animations that should never be taken seriously.

Toon-Fortress 2

Based on the characters from Team Fortress 2, these silly animations are capable of anything.
Take a trip to the grocery store with Food Shoppin' Scout or see Scout Debugged for some creepy-crawly slapstick action, or witness a bizarre romance with Sandvich Love.

Crash and the gang are taking a break from making games, in Crash Out!
This cartoon series sheds some light on the personal lives of the characters in the Crash universe, and anything can happen!

Crash Out! Episodes

Crash Out! Characters

While Crash is the star of the show, some other characters share the spotlight! You never know who will show up from the crazy cast of characters, so keep your eyes peeled!

Crash Out! Setting and Locations

Crash Out takes place on an all-new island known as N. Ferno Island, and the island is made up of different locations!

N. San-City: Tour, dine, and shop till you drop in the bustling N. San-City! You'll also find N. Brio’s Bar and Grill, as well as N. San-City High (Nina and Coco’s High School), and much more!

Bandicoot Cove: It's fun in the sun on this beach side location where the tree house home of Crash and Coco can be found.

Mt. Fury: Located in the dead center of N. Ferno Island, this giant inactive volcano separates Bandicoot Cove, Villain Village and Country County, and is surrounded by Wumpa Woods.

Villain Village: The location of the infamous Cortex Tower, where Dr. Cortex and his henchmen dwell.

Wumpa Woods: This big wumpa-filled forest that surrounds Mt. Fury has a lot to explore, and is one of the many tourist destinations on the island.

Country County: The rural desert area of the island, where few people go.

Crash Out! Merchandise

T-shirts are available in different colors!
Designs are also available on stickers, mugs, laptop cases and more!

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