Sir Isaac

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Animado Originals

Originality is a good thing. Animado Originals feature original characters inspired by many of the cartoon legends of yesteryear. Ranging from silly and strange to over-the-top, these original cartoons are ultimately just a little something to keep you entertained.


Hog & Dog
Bumble Man
Dino Dudes
Earth Base 9
Wally the Worm


A series of short skits starring colorful cats!
Punch your Teeth
FurVille Skits Collection


Brad Barnaby Bakely and Barry Quackson are best friends who are the heroes of City Town known as Breadboy and Boomer Bill! See it here!

Mighty Knights

Join Samson and Abel on crazy adventures as they go on random missions for royalty! With their Mighty Packs on their backs, they are prepared for anything! See it here!

Wacky Wolf

Wacky Wolf is a crazy mischievous mammal who is full of surprises!
Fire Away
Order Up

Lucky Larry

Seventeen-year-old Larry Hardluck has the worst of luck with everything he does. What could go wrong? Everything!
The Worst That Could Happen
The Cinema Screw-Up
The Football Follies
Fails on the Fly


Get grossed-out with GoreToons—A series of edgy one-timer originals which feature comical blood, gore, and violence!
Zombie Cat
Ghost Bros

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